TWC Kingdom Crew

TWC Kingdom Crew is a youth group that meets regularly to engage young people with each other and the community. Our youth group has been a wonderful way to spread God’s love while discovering the depth of God’s love towards us. TWC Kingdom Crew is involved with activities which promote team building, self-esteem and confidence. The youth group also goes to summer camp every year with other like faith youth to grow spiritually and to have new experiences with God and friends.


True Worship Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry of True Worship Church exists to glorify God through evangelizing children and encouraging parents so the Gospel of the Kingdom of God would spread to other children and families. We minister to the spiritual needs of our children early and often. It is important that our children understand they are part of God’s plan and they are loved by God. The Children’s Ministry is involved in the music arts, performing arts and they participate in a 6 week summer day camp focused on developing a strong Biblical foundation.

Young Women of Virtue (YWOV)

YWOV inspires young girls between the ages of 8 – 18 to make positive decisions which lead to healthy and successful lives. We do this by spending time with them offering activities and training to teach them new skills. YWOV has a very strong coaching and mentoring thrust. Our staff has a wide range of expertise and commitment to girls who come very challenging backgrounds. The young ladies who have gone through our program have gone on to college or began promising career opportunities. Find out how you can join the team!

Young Women of Virtue